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C1P8 Nanomaterials

C1P8 Nanomaterials is an innovative start-up based in Pordenone involved in advanced R&D activities in the field of nanotechnologies.
The company has developed its core business on the production and marketing of new carbon based raw materials.
C1P8 Nanomaterials filed an international patent application on 04/05/2017, validating a new complete industrial process for the production of Fullerene C60 based on an innovative production chain.

graphene material
graphene material
Fullerene C60
Fullerene C60 is a nanomaterial additive compound that reinforces the structure and improves the performances of the materials mixed with it.
It is possible to apply Fullerene C60 to any materials by mixing it or by surface deposition, either during their production or transformation process.
Fullerene C60 is a lean product that can be easily integrated downstream or upstream into any industrial process. When mixed with any materials, Fullerene C60 increases their value and profitability.
C60 Applications
Fullerene C60 is 99.99% pure material.
This feature allows the Company to be more competitive and to target different markets:
  • RUBBER AND POLYMERS: Fullerene C60 operates a real time heat dissipation and increases remarkably the work load.
  • AERONAUTIC: Fullerene C60 reinforces structures and performances of all carbon materials, increasing the mechanical resistance by 38% compared to other materials
  • AUTOMOTIVE/OIL: engine friction decreases by 28% at 50°C and by 33% at 80°C
  • ENERGY: ion-exchange energy accumulators based on the most performing lithium fullerene; development of new solid electrolytes.
  • CONSTRUCTION: reinforcement of load-bearing and non-bearing structures, heat-conducting floors and transparent, scratch-proof and anti-corrosion varnishes
  • NUTRACEUTICAL: strong antioxidant power, 270 times higher than vitamin C.
  • PHARMACEUTICAL: development of new therapeutic nanopharmaceuticals for HIV, Cancer-Parkinsons desease - Alzheimer.
graphene material